Joining Us

Admissions & Criteria

We, like most voluntary organisations, are always looking for new helpers and leaders. All of our sections have waiting lists that are so large, there is a great likelihood that many children will never be able to join a section. This is a great pity and ultimately leads to children’s disappointment. It is no lie to state that we could (subject to leader numbers) operate three Beaver Colonies, three Cub Packs, and three Scout Troops.

Children may be prioritised depending on the level of help and commitment prospective parents are willing to give us. Those who are willing to become regular helpers within a section will have their child’s place moved up the waiting list.  Although this seems a harsh policy from the outside, from within the Group’s Exec committee, this seems the only logical way to attract new blood and ultimately new leaders.

This policy is applied reasonably frequently now but is not necessarily linked to leadership alone. We also will consider any parents who may have a specific skill set that we can use within the group to further the training, directly or indirectly, that we are able to provide for the young people.

To join please go to the section that you want to become a member of and complete their contact form

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