About ten years ago a young Beaver turned up for inspection at the start of the Toronto Colony meeting wearing different coloured socks.

His leader laughed and pointed out his error, but the young Beaver replied, “It’s not a mistake, I’m a trend setter”. This caused everybody to laugh out loud.

The leader thought nothing more about his fashion statement until the following week, when three more Beavers joined him in wearing different coloured socks.

By the following week, all 24 Beavers had followed suit and the ‘legend of the odd socks’ was born.

The years passed and the young Beaver became a Cub, then a Scout and he is now an Explorer Scout at The Dittons.

He has been instrumental in setting up email accounts for each Section, for organising the Zoom meetings and for revamping The Dittons Online website and we are all very grateful to him.

However, when his former Beaver Leader reminded him of his trend setting exploits ten years previously, he had forgotten about his odd socks.

To help him remember, Beavers from both Colonies were challenged to wear odd socks to the online Zoom meetings on 29th and 30th April.

As can be seen from the following photographs, the Beavers embraced the challenge with great enthusiasm!