The Beavers had hoped that they would be returning to face to face meetings on the Shack field at the start of January 2021.  Unfortunately, the National lockdown restrictions meant that online meetings had to be reintroduced.

Undeterred, and full of enthusiasm, the new leadership team planned an exciting Zoom programmes to enable the Beavers to earn a number of Activity badges during the Spring term.

On 13th and 14th January the Beavers followed Wally around the world and had to spot him amongst the crowds at famous landmarks.  They identified the relevant buildings, the cities, the countries and national flags and learnt how to say ‘Hello’ in six languages.  They also learnt about Beaver Scouts in other countries and identified foods from around the world.  They even performed a song from Morocco and a dance from Colombia (with help from Kate Felton),

Sadly, there was insufficient time for the Beavers to prepare or sample foreign foods online, but many of our Beavers were pleased to subsequently tuck in to their favourite meal from another Country.