The Beavers had been busy since the start of 2021 saving cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, egg boxes and other similar materials, having been set the challenge of constructing the tallest and most ornate Recyclable Skyscrapers during Zoom meetings on 27th and 28th January.

However, before construction could begin the Beavers had to prepare blueprints of their proposed designs, taking account of the materials that they had amassed.

At the start of both meetings, the Beavers were given some handy hints from Ed Cookson (a Toronto Colony parent) who had helped to design and construct the Room on the Broom Experience and Tomb Blaster Ride at Chessington World of Adventures.

When the Beavers were finally let loose to start building, mayhem ensued in many households as whole families became embroiled in the mission. Sticky tape proved to be an essential component in many cases!  Several of the skyscrapers grew so tall that they became wedged into the ceiling!

The following photographs show just how creative our Beavers were and how they all deserved to earn the Builder Activity Badge.